Applies to accounts on the Plus plan and up.

One-to-one emails are one-off messages that can be sent to Contacts from a Deal record. These emails can also be sent from the Contacts Overview page and the Contact Profile page.

Follow the steps below to send a one-to-one email to the secondary contact on a Deal:

       1. Go to Deals and select the Deal by clicking it.


      2. Click on the secondary contact.


     3. You will be directed to the Contact Profile page for your secondary contact. Click on “Send
         Email” located in the compose bar at the bottom of your screen.


      4. Compose your message and click “Send.”


For more information on creating one-to-one emails, please see this help document (link to how to send a 1-to-1 email to a contact).

To learn how to use Saved Responses (templates) in your one-to-one emails, click here.