This article will walk you through creating and sending a campaign so that you can start engaging with your contacts. If you need more details on a particular feature, click on the help document links located throughout this article.

Creating Lists

Before you can create a campaign, you will first need to create a list of opted in subscribers. If you have already completed this process, you can skip to the Creating Your Campaign step below.

To create a new list, go to the Lists section of your account and click “Add New List.” In the modal window, provide a List Name, the URL that the list is for, and a reminder for your contacts of why you are contacting them. When finished, click “Create List.”

For more detailed instructions on creating a list, see this help article.

Adding Contacts to Lists

Once you have created your list, you can now add contacts to it. Contacts can be added to your list in any number of ways, including CSV upload, adding them manually one at a time, or integrations from other services.

One of the more popular methods of adding opted in contacts to a list is through a CSV import. To import your file, go to the Contacts Overview page and click on the “Import” buttonlocated on the top right of your screen. On the next page, click on “Import from file” and select the file you wish to upload.

Then, map the fields in your file to the fields in your list. Select the list you wish to add contacts to and choose "Import As Active Contact." You have the option to update existing contacts while importing as well. Then click "Import Now."

If you're not sure how to save your spreadsheet as a CSV file, click here for more information.

You also have the option to copy and paste your contacts or you can integrate your account with a third party app to perform automatic imports. Visit this page for more details on those processes.

Creating Your Campaign

Once you have created your list, you are now ready to create your campaign. To get started, click Campaigns located in the left menu and click “New Campaign.”

In this example, we will use the “Standard” campaign type. The “Standard” campaign type will allow you to send a broadcast email immediately to your contacts or you can choose to schedule it for a future date. Select the “Standard” campaigngive your campaign a name, and click on “Next” located on the top right of your screen.

You can also choose from Auto Responder, Split Testing, RSS Triggered, or Date-based. For more information on these campaign types check out this help article..

Select Your List

Next, choose which list you want to send your campaign to. You can choose to send your email campaign to one list or multiple lists. To select the list, click on the checkbox located next to the list name. The number of contacts to the right shows you how many active contacts are currently in that list.

You also have the option to send your email campaign to a segment of one or more of your lists. Please note that you can only send to one segment at a time. To create a segment, first select your list. Once you do, you will see a “Segment Selected List(s)” link at the top of the List box:

Click on the “Segment Selected List(s)” link and a dropdown box will appear containing segments (if you have already created them). You can also choose to create a new segment here by clicking on “Create New Segment.” For more information on creating segments, please visit this help article.

Choosing a Format

After you have selected your list(s), you will then choose a format for your campaign. Our system has two different types of templates:

"Pre-designed templates"
These already have a design applied to them that you can modify and uses our drag and drop editor. For more information about our templates, check out this guide. 

"Build from Scratch"
These allow you to create your own custom template using either our drag and drop editor or you can create an HTML email campaign or Text Only email campaign. For more information on the different types of campaigns, see this help article.

You can also choose a past campaign to use as a template for your new campaign. This would be a good option if you want to reuse a past campaign and modify certain elements rather than starting from scratch.

For this example, we're going to use a pre-designed template.

To choose a template, mouse over any designer template of your choice and click on the “Use this Design” button. In the modal window, enter in a subject line and then click "Continue." The subject line can be changed later. 

Modifying Your Template and Updating Your Subject Line

On the next step of the campaign creation process, you will be able to modify the content and layout of the template you chose by dragging and dropping content blocks from the sidebar into your campaign.

You can format any content block by adjusting line height, background color, padding, and more by using the “Options” feature. To use this feature, click on any content block you wish to modify.

To update the subject line, "From" information, or to create preheader text, click the Gear icon on the top right of your screen. A Campaign Settings modal window will appear where you can make your changes and send a test of your campaign.

For a more detailed explanation of using the Email Designer, please visit this help article.

Campaign Summary Page

Once you have formatted the email to the way you want it, click on “Next” to go to the Campaign Summary page. 

The Campaign Summary page helps you prepare the send of your email campaign. Here you will be able to:

  • Check your subject line, preheader text, and sender information
  • Check the list you are sending to
  • Select additional metrics to track
  • Schedule a send for a future date (or send immediately)
  • Send a test email
  • Preview your campaign
  • View spam check results

With the Spam check, you will want to see the result of “Passed.” If you see an error instead, you will want to fix the issue in your campaign prior to sending. Anything other than “Passed” indicates an issue that may keep your campaign from reaching your subscriber’s inbox.

When you are ready to send/schedule your email, click on the “Send Now” button located on the top right of your screen. You will then be asked to confirm your send with an option to cancel.

If you chose to send your campaign at a future date, it will appear under “Scheduled” on the campaign overview screen.