Adding images to your campaigns and automation emails can help you build your brand and engage your subscribers. They can be used to advertise a service or product or be used as a call-to-action.

Below are some best practices for adding images to your messages:

Keep the width of your images between 400 and 650 pixel

This is the best width to use for both mobile and Outlook. Outlook will not scale down images that are 1000 or more pixel wide. Instead, the image will be displayed at its actual size, causing the width of your template to expand and become distorted. 

Break tall images into smaller pieces

If your image is taller than 600 pixel, we recommend slicing your image into smaller pieces. Tall images will be compressed by our Email Designer to ensure deliverability, however, your image will lose its quality and can appear blurry. 

Note: Although it does not limit your image file size(s), the larger the file, the more slowly the email client will load the images.

Do not insert a small image and then set a larger width

This can distort your image quality. It’s always better to scale down an image.

Use image blocks instead of adding an inline image to a text block

Text content blocks containing an image and any links inline with that image will not be clickable in Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2013. In addition, text may not wrap correctly around your image when viewed in mobile.

Avoid text in your images

If images are blocked by a subscriber's inbox, they won't see the text included in your image. In addition, the image may become distorted in mobile as it will need to be scaled either up or down to fit the mobile viewpoint.

Use Alt text

Alt text is a brief description of your image and will appear in your email if a subscriber has images blocked. To add ALT text to your image click on the image in your campaign and add 1-2 words into the “Info” field under the options tab:

Use the Social Links widget to add social icons to your campaigns

Using an image block(s) to insert your social icons will cause images to scale up when viewed in mobile and may distort your email. Instead, use the social link widget.