Adding an opt-in form to your Facebook page is a great way to collect subscribers and grow your list. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to add and remove a form from your Facebook page, as well as how to change the name of the tab in Facebook where your form appears.

Only Facebook page admins and Editors can add or remove ActiveCampaign subscription forms. Click here to learn more about Facebook’s Page Roles.

In addition, Facebook requires that you have at least 2,000 likes on your page before you can add an opt-in form to it. Click here for more information. 

To add a form to your Facebook page:

1. Click on "Forms" from the left navigation menu in your account.

2. Click "Edit" next to your form.

3. Click the “Integrate” button on the top right.

4. Click the Facebook option.

5. Click “Get Started.”

6. Select the name of your page from the “Add Page Tab” modal and click “Add Page Tab.”

7. You will receive a confirmation message letting you know that your form has been added to your Facebook page. Click “View your Facebook page” to view the form on your page or click “Close Window” to close the modal.

8. Your form will be located in the “Subscribe” section of your Facebook page.

You can only have one form on your Facebook page. If you already have a form published on your page that you wish to replace with a different form, you must remove the original first.

To change the name of the tab of where your form appears or to remove a form from your Facebook page:

1. Log into your Facebook page.

2. Click “Settings” on the top right

3. Click “Edit page.”

4. Click “Settings” next to “Subscribe.”

5. Click “Edit Settings.”

6. To change the name of the tab, enter the new tab name in the Custom Tab Name Field and click “Save.” Then click "Okay."

7. To remove your form from your Facebook page, click “Remove” and then click “Okay.”