A hex code is a 3-byte hexadecimal number used in HTML, CSS, and other applications to represent colors. They will start with a hashtag (#) and are followed by 6 digits, using either numbers, letters (A - F), or a combination of both. 

When you select a color of a font, border, or background in a campaign or form created using the color picker, we’ll display the hex code for you. In addition, if you already know what hex code to use in your forms and communications, we make it easy for you to apply that code. Doing so allows you to use specific colors in your forms and communications that are associated with your brand.

You can use hex colors on the following items:

Campaigns and automation emails

  • Font color
  • Background color for all content blocks
  • Border color for all content blocks
  • Column color for all content blocks
  • Font color (when applicable)
  • Custom HTML block
  • When creating an email using your own custom code
To add change the color of your font, simply click that text block and click the color pickerfrom the modal toolbar. 

You can then select from additional colors or click the “More” link to select from even more colors or add your own hex color code: 

To add your own hex color code to any specific block, such as a block border or to add a background color, click on that specific block:

When you do, we’ll display an options menu to the right of your screen:

Here you can type your hex code directly into the color field you wish to change, or, select a new color from the color picker.

If you have a specific hex code to use for your border or column background, click the color picker to enter your code.


  • Form background color
  • Form font color
  • Form border color (inline forms)
  • Submit button background
  • Submit button font
  • Submit button border
  • Custom CSS blocks
To add your own hex color to your form, click the “Style” tab for your form.

Then add your Hex code to the color field: