Personalization tags allow you to dynamically insert content into your communications, forms, and more. This creates a more personalized experience for your contacts and can lead to increased engagement with your content.
Note that personalization tags are only available for Contact Fields at this time. 

In this article, we'll discuss:

  • How personalization tags work
  • Ways to use personalization tags
  • How to modify personalization tags
  • List of standard personalization tags

How personalization tags work

We automatically generate personalization tags for every custom contact field you create. In addition, your account comes with a list of standard personalization tags. Each of these tags can be inserted into your communications.

When a personalization tag is used in a campaign or automation email, the value of that tag will automatically be inserted once the communication is sent to a contact. When the contact opens the communication, they will see the value for that tag and not the tag itself.
For example, if you wanted to address contacts by their first name in an email, you would insert the following personalization tag:


When a contact receives your email, they will see their own name populated in the message.

Ways to use personalization tags

Personalization tags can be used to insert dynamic content into each of the items listed below. Click the links below to learn more:

Content of campaigns and automation emails

Email subject lines

One-to-one emails

Site messages

SMS messages

Form fields

"Thank you" messages for forms

Deal titles

For more information on using personalization tags in communications, check out these help articles:

How to preview personalization tags

How to add a default value to a personalization tag

How to modify personalization tags

Modifiers allow you to change the capitalization of your data when inserted into your campaign. This is useful for ensuring that proper nouns, such as names, are capitalized and common nouns, such as objects, aren’t, for example.

Modifiers are placed after a pipe symbol ( | ). So a first name personalization tag including a modifier to capitalize the first letter would look like this:


List of modifiers:

  • UPPER (converts entire tag to all uppercase letters)
  • UPPERFIRST (converts first letter to uppercase)
  • UPPERWORDS (capitalizes the first letter of every word)
  • TITLECASE (capitalizes the first letter of every word, and forces all other letters to be lowercase)
  • LOWER (converts entire tag to lowercase letters)
  • LOWERFIRST (changes the first letter of the text to lowercase)
  • LOWERWORDS (changes the first letter of every word to lowercase)

List of standard personalization tags

Below is a list of personalization tags that you can use in your communications.

Note that this list does not include personalization tags for any custom contact fields you create.