You can easily create superscript and subscript text in your emails using HTML tags in an HTML content block. 

1. From your campaign or automation email, locate where you want to add your content containing superscript or subscript text, then drag and drop the HTML content block into that spot.

2. Click into the HTML content block. A Custom HTML modal window will appear.

3. Add your content to this block and wrap it in HTML tags. These tags will tell the text how it should appear in that content block. HTML tags can be used both in the HTML block of the campaign designer and if you're using custom code to create your email from scratch.

Below are examples of code you can use for both Superscript and Subscript. Note that you'll want to replace the example copy between the HTML tags (<p>, <sup>, </sup>, and </p>) with your own.

Superscript HTML:

<p>This text contains <sup>superscript</sup> text.</p>

Subscript HTML:

<p>This text contains <sub>subscript</sub> text.</p>

Here is an example of how the superscript code looks in the HTML block:

4. Click "Save" and your superscript or subscript text will appear in your email. 

Note that you can add additional text to this content block under "Options" or by clicking the HTML editor button.

Test your email to see how the superscript or subscript text looks in an inbox.