All email campaigns must include a footer than contains a valid physical mailing address and an obvious way to unsubscribe. We include this footer automatically but you may wish to replace it with a footer that more closely matches the aesthetics of your campaigns. 

To use a different email footer than the one we automatically append to campaigns, you’ll need to use two personalization tags in your campaign:

      1. A tag to insert your mailing address

      2. A tag to include an unsubscribe link.

If those two tags aren’t present, the default footer will be appended and/or your campaign may be delayed by the review process.

To replace the default footer:

You can easily add these tags by clicking the “Personalize” button when a text block is selected. These tags appear in the “Message” category of the Personalization modal:

You can also manually add the bottom of the email campaign:

%UNSUBSCRIBELINK% – This tag will unsubscribe the contact from the list that the campaign was sent to.

%UNSUBSCRIBELINK%&ALL - This tag will unsubscribe the contact from all lists they are currently subscribed to.

Note that these tags can be used to create HTML links:

<a href=”%UNSUBSCRIBELINK%”>Unsubscribe Here</a>

And, include either of these tags:

%SENDER-INFO% – This tag adds your sender address on multiple lines.

%SENDER-INFO-SINGLELINE% – This tag adds your sender address on a single line.

If you've included an unsubscribe and sender info tag at the bottom of your email, when you send your campaign, the default footer will not be appended to your message.