Attribution data lives in its own box on the contact profile. If the contact has any conversions, a Conversions tab will appear in the box. If the contact has any sources that aren't tied to conversions, an Unconverted Sources tab will appear in the box. If the contact has both, both tabs will appear. If the contact has neither, neither tab will appear nor will the box itself appear.

What is the Conversions tab in the ActiveCampaign contact profile?

The Conversions tab lists out the total number of conversions the contact has, the total value they're worth, and details on each specific conversion.

The details of each specific conversion include the value of that conversion, the total time it took the contact to reach that conversion, how many touchpoints existed along the way, and details on each touchpoint.

Currently, the only touchpoints we track and show are sources. If the source is one we recognize, we'll show the icon for that source in the timeline (for example, Facebook, Google, Bing, Twitter, etc). If the source is not one we recognize, we'll show the generic globe icon for that source in the timeline.

If you click on an icon in the touchpoint timeline, you'll see details on that touchpoint appear below the timeline. For each source, the data we have for that source is listed. The SourceMediumCampaignTerm, and Content details are pulled directly from the corresponding utm_ parameters in the source URL, if they exist in the URL.Please note that it is possible to have a conversion without any touchpoints.

What are unconverted sources in ActiveCampaign?

Any sources that we track for a contact that are not tied to a conversion will appear in the Unconverted Sources tab. This tab lists the total number of unconverted sources and details for each source. Clicking on an individual source will show the details for that source, including the URL, and the SourceMediumCampaignTerm, and Content details pulled from the relevant utm_ parameters in the source URL.

What is a Conversion in the ActiveCampaign contact activity stream?

Conversions are also shown in the activity stream on the contact profile. Clicking the details of a conversion while in the “Activity Detail” view will jump to that conversion on the contact profile.